Ms. Maria Gomes First Women President of Dhaka YMCA


We are glad to inform that Ms. Maria Gomes has been elected as the President of Dhaka YMCA. The election of Mr. Gomes opens a new chapter in the history of the Bangladesh YMCAs as Ms. Gomes is the first women President of any Local YMCA in Bangladesh.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Gomes for being elected as the President of Dhaka YMCA.

We are overwhelmed and also congratulate Dhaka YMCA for breaking barriers and making room for the women to take the position of the helm of the organization.

We pray and hope that the history of Dhaka YMCA will take new course under her able leadership, steering it to a new era of development, working for the people who are in need of the society.

The 36th Annual General Meeting of Dhaka YMCA was held on March 7, 2003. The newly formed Officers are as follows:

Ms. Maria Gomes....................... President

Mr. Polash Paul Kapali...............Vice President

Mr. Albert Himanshu Sarker.......Vice President

Mr. Edward S. Chowdhury.........Honorary Treasurer

Our heartfelt congratulations to the Office Bearers of Dhaka YMCA