Prayer Meeting for

Peace in the World


The Chittagong YMCA and YWCA of Chittagong jointly organised a special prayer meeting for restoration of peace in the world, especially in the backdrop of the present possible treat of war against Iraq.

This Prayer Meeting was organized on March 8, 2003 in response to the call of the World Alliance of YMCAs to observe this day as a day of prayer and to express our firm stand in favor of peace.

Chief Guest Rt. Rev. Patrick D'Rozario, Bishop of Chittagong inaugurated the Prayer Meeting by freeing pigeons (doves), the symbol of peace. Special Guests were Mr. Akhilla D'Rozario and Ms. Angela Boishakhi Mendes, Presidents of Chittagong YMCA and YWCA respectively. Mr. James Gomes and Ms. Cynthia D'Rozario, General Secretaries of Chittagong YMCA and YWCA respectively spoke on the occasion.

Several hundred of YMCA & YWCA Members and well wishers attended the meeting and expressed their firm conviction to work for peace to avoid any possible threat of war in Iraq.