Norwegian Scout Group in Bangladesh



The relationship between the Norwegian YWCA-YMCA and the Bangladesh YMCAs dates back since the inception of the latter. Each year several groups of delegation from Norway YMCA-YWCA visit Bangladesh as a part of the partnership program. On 3 December 2005, a scout group of YMCA-YWCA, Norway came to visit the Bangladesh YMCAs .

Their visit was mainly aimed to promote scouting and also develop bilateral relationship amongst the youth of YMCAs in our country. The scout team visited Bogra, Edilpur and Dhaka YMCA. They conducted workshops on scouting at the Bogra YMCA School as well as Dhaka YMCA School  and shared their experiences with them about scouting. The children also enjoyed the scout activities and games and were eager to learn about scouting.   During their visit they met with the leaders of Bangladesh YMCAs and also Most. Rev. Bishop Polinus Costa, Archbishop of Dhaka and expressed their keen interest to support the Bangladesh YMCAs to establish a camp site in the vicinity of Dhaka for the YMCAs. 

Finally, they departed on the last 09 December 2005 for Norway.



Norwegian Scouts trained Dhaka YMCA School children about scout activities 

Scout Group with  the children of Dhaka YMCA School.