Jessore YMCA starts working on Strategic Planning  

Keeping in view for the preparation of the national strategic plan for the years 2011- 2013, each of the local YMCAs is now in the process of preparing their respective YMCAs strategic plan.

Jessore YMCA initiated the process with a day long workshop on 11th of June  2010, held at the Conference Room of Salvation Army Office in Jessore. The Workshop was inaugurated by Mr.Symon P. Adhikary, President of the National Council of YMCAs of Bangladesh.

Mr. Duncan Chowdhury initiated the workshop with SWOT analysis of the present situation of Jessore YMCA. Mr.Patrick Sarker, President of Jessore YMCA presided over the meeting.

About 40 members of Jessore YMCA participated in the workshop, which will culminate in preparation of the Strategic Plan of Jessore YMCA within a few days.


The Day Before

Dr. Sushanta Kumar Biswas, a philanthropist of Jessore was kind enough to donate a piece of land to Jessore YMCA  during the month of February 2010. On the evening of 10th June, 2010 a Thanksgiving Dinner was hosted in his honor where the Mr.Symon P. Adhikary and Mr. Duncan Chowdhury,  President and National General Secretary, of the National Council respectively were present as guest of  honor.  Dr. Sushanta Kumar Biswas was presented with a commemorative plaque from the National Council.  The Members of the Executive Committee of Jessore YMCA were present for the occasion.