Edilpur YMCA Works for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS


Preventing HIV/AIDS is one of the prime agenda of the development initiatives of the world today. It is also one of the priorities of the Millennium Development Goal. Considering the priorities the YMCAs of Bangladesh  has emphasized to work for the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the country through its affiliated local YMCAs. For this purpose all of the local YMCAs has extended their all out efforts to reach the people of all sectors under the program of “Building Awareness through Campaigning on HIV/AIDS (BACHA)”.


Edilpur YMCA observed the World AIDS DAY – 2005. In the morning of the 1st December 2005 around 600 people of the community participated in a rally. Edilpur YMCA also organized a workshop in the campus of Edilpur YMCA after the rally. It was wonderful program to touch the people and to awake them aware about the danger of HIV/AIDS. Mr. Martin Mrong, President, Edilpur YMCA was present as the Chief Guest in the meeting.  He made a clarion call to the people to be aware about HIV/AIDS and take necessary precaution for preventing it. The meeting was presided by Mr. Sebastine Areng, General Secretary, Edilpur YMCA.  

Since the commencement of the program “Building Awareness through Campaigning on HIV/AIDS (BACHA)” Edilpur YMCA has organized 32 workshop to make aware the community people on HIV/AIDS, 705 people participated in these daylong workshops amongst whom 94 was male and 611 female . It was the commitment of each of these participants that they would disclosed the message of HIV/AIDS to their family and other members of the community and thus the whole community would be aware of the dreadful effects of HIV/Aids.