Chittagong YMCA Youth Forum had organized a daylong seminar on “Moral Values Education” at Chittagong YMCA Bhaban on 15th October 2010. It was part of follow up training on “Values Education” which was organized by the National Council of YMCAs of Bangladesh from the 12-16 August, 2010. Thirty One participating students discovered that immorality is an obstacle for the progress of the society. 


“Youth must learn what the positive values are. Morality should be strong to be a enlightened human being” Mr. Eslyn Charles Dias, the General Secretary of Chittagong YMCA told the gathering.

Inspirational talks were given by Bipul Alite Gonsalves, Executive Secretary for Programs of the National Council. He told the gathering “Youths are thirsty to see positive changes in the society. Conflicts among the leaders, restless political situation, unemployment, drug addiction are increasing and disappointing youth. “Eve Teasing” is current burning issue for the youth of Bangladesh which is very much inter-connected with the values and moral education. As a youth we have to be more aware to play prophetic role to transform the society”.  







Alex Frank Raulim, Convener & Christina Jenny D’Silva, Co-convener of Youth Forum of Chittagong shared their experience on “Values Education Training” held under the auspices of the National Council of YMCAs. Alex Raulim told the gathering “The program gave the opportunity to reflect at one’s own morality and this training was given me new strength to practice positive values. Personally, I have been motivated to promote values education among my fellow friends”.  Jenny D’Silva told “Through this training I realized values and moralities practice are core value to be a good leader as well as human being”.


The participants took part in deliberations after each session and also met on group discussions and expressed their views in the plenary. Mr. Marcel Gomes, Youth Forum Program Secretary told gathering “Values education is ongoing process so Chittagong YMCA Youth Forum will continue this program and we will change ourselves first for betterment of the community.”


Report by :

Alex Frank Raulim

Youth Forum of Chittagong YMCA